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Welcome to the photo gallery. We hope you enjoy your visit here and with us at camp. We will be adding to this gallery often, so please come back and see what new happenings and activities are going on around here.

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Camp Hilary in the winter This will give you some idea what the camp looks like during winter. Quite a bit different than during the summer.
Summer 2000 Grass Well we are starting to get closer to the end of this massive remodeling project. We actually have grass growing now! Even though we still have many little improvements to make over the next year or so, you can see that camp has taken on a new and exciting look that we feel is going to be a very positive and happy experience for all our guests.
Summer of 2001 Here are a few pictures from our 2001 season. The new look and feel of camp has certainly made things much more comfortable and enjoyable for our guests and friends.
October of 2002 We thought that you might like to enjoy the beauty of the Adirondacks during the fall color changes as much as we do, so here are a few photos taken around camp.
Bear at Camp Hilary Here are a few of the various animal friends that we have at camp. We get quite an assortment throughout the year that keeps us not only busy, but very much amused as well.
Frank the Crow We received a baby crow in the spring of 2005. Since he had such pretty blue eyes, he earned the name Frank after "Old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra. He was a joy to raise and like any crow, he loves to try and steal things and is extremely curious about everything.
Flamingo Displays Ah, those crazy Camp Hilary flamingos. The displays on the front lawn have become quite the interest item for many people. We actually have people stop and ask "Where are the flamingos?" whenever we don't have a display set up.
Summer of 2005 Here are some pictures from the summer of 2005. Looks like everybody had a pretty good time.
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