Camp Hilary

Pets and Camp Hilary

A great dogWe do not encourage pets although you may speak with us if you are unable to make appropriate arrangements at home for your pet.
We insist that pet visitors do not disturb our other guests and leave no evidence of their 'presents'... so bring your pooper-scooper and baggies with you.
Pets are not allowed on our beds. If you are unable to keep pets off the beds, you must bring your own linen and bedding.

It goes without saying that barking and/or hostile dogs create problems and uneasiness with our other guests. We rely on you, the pet owner, to decide whether or not your dog will fit in.

In the interest of safety and "piece of mind" for all our guests, we require that you follow these rules:

1. Please furnish us with a copy of your dog(s) license(s) and proof of current rabies certificates(s).

2. Keep your pet on a leash while outside the cabin.

3. Do not allow your pet to urinate on the bushes, shrubs, and plants.

4. Remove all excrement left by your pet.

5. Do not allow your pet in the swimming area.

6. Pets may be unleashed while in the water.

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