Camp Hilary

Things to do at Camp

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Swimming at camp Swimming : Fun for all at our large, safe, sandy beach with two swimming rafts - one for beginners & one for advanced swimmers. There are plenty of beach chairs and lounges for relaxing away the day in the sun. There is a picnic table, small gas grill, and a small refridgerator for guest use. An emergency phone with emergency numbers posted is located at the beach as well for your safety.
The docks

Boating : There are three docks from which you may fish or dock a boat. A local marina provides motor boat rentals. Canoes are provided for use by our guests. There are many attractions along the lake that are within easy paddling distance of camp. You can paddle a canoe up to Buttermilk Falls in just a few minutes or go just across the lake and study the rock formations.

Camp BBQ

Camp Barbecues : A camp barbecue is held once a week with the cooperation of Mother Nature and guest activities. You will be notified of the barbecue at check-in. Each family brings their own place setting and a dish to share. We provide fresh baked cornbread, salt potatoes, condiments, and soda. Hamburgers (only) will be provided and grilled by the staff.

The pavilion

Pavilion - Horseshoe Pits : Our pavilion features picnic tables, a radio/CD player, countertops for foods, a freezer and refridgerator for guest food storage, a campfire pit, and a cooking fire pit. Many of our regular guests use the area to cook their evening meals as it provides a nice covered area to enjoy dinner and a campfire. There is also a sandbox with toys to keep the little ones amused and a volleyball net. We provide volleyballs as well as badminton rackets and birdys.
There is also an emergency phone located in the pavilion with emergency phone numbers posted next to it.
We have two regulation horseshoe pits located in front of our pavilion. The area is lighted to allow for nighttime playing. A nice way to work off an evening meal before settling down in front of the nightly campfire.


Game Room / Lounge : We have a seperate building that is used as both a gameroom and lounge for our guests. We have a foosball table as well as tables, chairs, and sofas to provide a relaxing atmosphere to sit and play cards or to just chat.

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