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Welcome to the movies gallery. We hope you enjoy them.
You should know that some of these movies are quite large in size and may take some time to download to your computer.
They are in Shockwave format and do not require you to install any special viewer to see them.

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Raccoon Movie of a raccoon that came into camp in the fall of 2005 looking for something to eat. Raccoons tend to eat a lot in the fall since they do not hibernate. They need to put on extra body fat to sustain them through the winter.
Frank the Crow A short movie of "Frank the Crow". Frank was raised by Dixie from a baby after he was brought to her by a person in town who found him. You will also see one of our gray squirrels who stopped by for a peanut.
Hungry Crow Frank being fed outside on the picnic table by the main house. This is shortly after he was released, but he still wanted to be fed by his "mom".
Raccoon and kits Here is a clip of a mother raccoon with her babies under one of our cabins during the summer of 2007. She has 5 babies that she is raising and teaching about the wild. Of course, it doesn't hurt to stop for a bite to eat in between new adventures! She is a pretty busy mom with this bunch.
Fox We have a couple of red/grey foxes who have 4 babies living in the neighbor for 2007 as well. They stop by now and then and it is fun to watch the little ones play and sun themselves under their mothers watchful eye.
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