Camp Hilary

Beach Policies

Camp Beach

The swimming facility at Camp Hilary is not supervised by a lifeguard or any other responsible person. In place of on-site supervision, this facility has established a series of safeguards in co-operation with the NYS Department of Health to be followed by all guests.

Please read the safety rules outlined here. Ask if you have any questions.

We are required to notify you of these rules, to ensure that water rescue equipment is conveniently located on the beach, and to maintain the swimming area in a safe and sanitary manner.

This will require guest cooperation. Should you observe anything to the contrary, please notify us.

An emergency phone and phone numbers for emergency services is located on the beach.
A backboard, reach pole, and First Aid kit are located under the Lake Cabin porch.
A rescue boat with a flotation collar is located at the water's edge.
A life preserver with attached throw rope is located on the big dock.

Your safety is important to us. Enjoy your stay !

Beach Safety Rules

NEVER SWIM ALONE. A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older, must be present whenever this swimming facility is in use.

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE SUPERVISION. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on the beach area or in the water.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, NOTIFY THE FACILITY OPERATOR AND CONTACT HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. An emergency telephone is located next to the picnic table in the beach booth. Telephone numbers for the nearest emergency medical service are posted.

Use this facility only during posted hours of operation - 8am to 8pm.

Night swimming is not allowed.

Do not drink and swim.

Only registered guests may use the swimming facilities and swimming is only permitted in the designated swimming area.

Dogs are not allowed in the swimming area and must be on a leash while on the beach.
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